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We are St. Vrain Educational Advocates & we are urging Colorado schools to return to in-person learning in Spring 2021.


Students are suffering from educational degradation, social isolation, and increased levels of psychological distress due to decisions forcing students into hybrid and online learning against their will.

We are a group dedicated to advocating for our children to be properly served with proven educational methods and full-time in-person learning.

We recognize the challenging position of teachers, school administrators, and administrative personnel during the pandemic and support their tireless work and dedication to our children. We are opposed to special interests, such as the teachers’ union and partisan educational interest groups, using this crisis to advance pre-COVID agendas.

Our Immediate Requests

Provide In-Person Learning Immediately

Support Social Distancing Measures

Acknowledge In-Person Learning Model Will Be Different

Target Quarantine Efforts

Value Teachers as Essential to Society

Oppose Using COVID-19 as a Bargaining Tool

How is remote learning affecting Colorado’s children and families?

Survey results from our parent organization, the Colorado Alliance for In-Person Education. Data collected on 12/11/2020 from 818 concerned Colorado parents who are members of the Colorado Alliance for In-Person Education.

Our children’s mental health is declining


of children are depressed, distraught, angry, or disconnected


of families know of a child who has tried to commit suicide


of children are currently seeing a counselor

Our families are suffering financially


of families are affected financially because of the pandemic


of families have stopped working or reduced work hours to assist with school


of families are paying for child care because of remote learning

Note: this data does not take into account holidays, quarantines, or snow days

**Aurora and DPS MS/HS students had 0 days of in-person learning




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